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Sunday, November 11, 2018

"Okinawa Diet: The Longevity Secret" by Marco Carestia

Okinawa Diet:
The Longevity Secret
by Marco Carestia

Okinawa Diet: The Longevity Secret by Marco Carestia

Author and anthropologist Marco Carestia stops by today to share an excerpt from Okinawa Diet: The Longevity Secret.

Food and diet play a crucial role in determining the lifespan of an individual. Healthy eating includes food that is balanced and provides the body with the nutrients it requires for growth and development. In his book, Okinawa Diet: The Longevity Secret, Marco Carestia explores the factors that have led Okinawa to have the largest population of centenarians in the World. The discussion below gives an in-depth analysis of the book to identify the influence the diet of Okinawa people and how it influences their health and lifespan.
One of the principal characteristics of the Okinawa diet is that it is low in salt. A low-in-salt diet is healthy for the body as it prevents the development of high blood pressure which is the primary factor that causes heart-related diseases. Therefore, taking a low salt diet highly reduces the likelihood of the people of Okinawa developing cardiovascular complications.
Secondly, the Okinawa diet has fruits in plenty. Fruits have natural sugars that are healthy to the body. Therefore, taking plenty of fruits provides the Okinawa people with the sugar that is needed by the body to function effectively. Additionally, fruits help to give the body the water necessary to keep the body well hydrated. Moreover, the Okinawa diet is rich in vegetables. Collectively, fruits and vegetables provide the body with different minerals, fiber, vitamins, as well as antioxidants.
Lastly, the Okinawans have adopted a culture of physical activity. Physical exercises are essential to the body as they contribute to the ability of the body to control weight as well as strengthen and harden the bones and body muscles.
To wrap up, it is evident that Okinawan diets are one of the healthiest diets in the world. The diet is comprised of large amounts of different varieties of fruits, plenty of fresh vegetables, low salt, among others. Coupled with exercise, the diet enables the Okinawans to have a long lifespan.

Book Video

Emperor Jimmu was the first Emperor of the Yamato dynasty who died when he was 126 years old, according to the Japanese mythology of “Kojiki”.
Japan possess the longest life expectancy in the world. Japan instituted a strict record keeping system and census policy in the 1870s: the registry system of birth (koseki) verified the longevity of population. Japanese centenarians receive a certificate from the Prime Minister of Japan, honouring them for their longevity.
Ancient Chinese legends already called Okinawa “the land of the immortals”, the first place in Japan where life span is above 100 years. The remote Ogimi village of Okinawa has achieved the title of “longevity village” for its high number of centenarians. They have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke, cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer.
Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare founded Okinawan Centenarian Study gerontologist in order to study health benefits of Okinawan style of life. Medical studies postulated that Okinawans come from an island population with high DHEA levels in the blood, a steroid that prevent the risk of age-diseases. Generally, persons with higher levels of DHEAS production tend to live longer. DHEA can become essential for body’s anti-aging defenses.
They have also identified a single gene, APOE, absent in the centenarians. APOE is a genetic variant believed to increase the risk for developing Alzheimer's disease. Aging is associated with a decline of physiological functions that can affect nutritional status. Older adults often have reduced appetite with the decline in the ability to absorb essential nutrients.
The diet is an extremely important factor with anti-inflammatory compounds which help prevent the risk of in chronic diseases. Research suggests that centenarians have high levels of vitamin A-D-E and that nutrients seems to be associated with longevity. Okinawan culture is a model of balanced diet which maximizes the consumption of locally natural ingredients. The daily diet is based intake of essential nutrients (antioxidants)which are extremely important to reducing the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are the principal factors behind almost every known disease according to some researchers.
Okinawa seem to appear also to be area with low caloric density diet. Generally, the term “calorie restriction” refers to dietary regimens that reduce calorie intake from a poor diet.
Around 1500 the Venetian nobleman Luigi Cornaro adopted a calorie restricted diet and became centenarian. Cornaro revealed the secret of longevity in his book: “The Sure and Certain Method of Attaining a Long and Healthful Life”. The Venetian nobleman suggested the principle of calorie restriction in his personal diet.
Clive McCay was author of the first publication on calorie restriction: “The Effect of Retarded Growth upon the Length of Life Span and upon the Ultimate Body Size”. This early study have shown that calorie restriction intake without malnutrition may indirectly slow the aging process in humans.
[Want more? Click below to read a longer excerpt.]

Praise for the Book
“Marco Carestia knows what it means to live a long and healthy lifespan and is courteous enough to pass down the knowledge we need to provide our bodies with youth. This was an intriguing read and left me with the means to live a healthy and long lifespan! Don't pass up the opportunity to be rich in knowledge and life! I have been waiting for a raw and honest diet and I have found youth in the process.” ~ Hope Pennie
Okinawa Diet by Marco Carestia is a short book packed full of information about the longevity aspect of living in Okinawa, and how that came to be. The author provides a great deal of history in the book about the culture of Okinawa, militaristic and otherwise. This provides a good basis on which to understand the book. The diet itself is not that complicated, low in salt, high in vegetables and fruit, which is something we can all aspire to. However, the author delves further into the culture that enables so many centenarians to live out their lives in Okinawa. Physical activity, being revered in society, familial connections and generally staying active both physically and mentally, may all be things that contribute to a long, healthy life. This is an ancient diet that has stood the test of time, the proof is self evident in the long lives that many lead in Okinawa. Highly recommend for an interesting look at this amazing culture.” ~ V.E.
“Okinawa is a region in Japan where people have longest lifespan, hence its nick name ‘longevity island’. One of their secret is eating fresh foods until they are 80% full. Very interesting read!” ~ Liana B.
“This book is really interesting and the Okinawa diet is introduced very well. I also love the anthropological perspective in it; the presentation of how people can live and how the cultural variations can be expressed – and at the same time: even tho there are variation, there are still something that binds us together as human beings. This is a great example of what the smallest things in everyday life – like eating, way of look at food and understand saturation – can tell us more about the general phenomenons in life. This is a great book in many ways: the openness in the language, the subject and how it is presented. I'm impressed! I think that this book can speak to a lot of people, in different ways, and I absolutely recommend it!” ~ Utk
“Okinawa is one of the healthiest places in the world and one where people have the longest lifespans. The book provides many useful facts and helpful comments that people can use as a guideline for getting the most out of their lives. Brilliantly written and a very interesting read.” ~ Vance

About the Author
Marco Carestia
Marco Carestia is an anthropologist specialized in Culture of Japan with training in Japan Consulate of Milan, on the basis of his Diploma of Japanese. He has focused his studies on food culture since Milan Expo 2015.


Friday, September 28, 2018

"Flecks of Red" by Melyssa Harmon

Flecks of Red:
A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness
by Melyssa Harmon

Flecks of Red: A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness by Melyssa Harmon

Melyssa Harmon stops by today to share an excerpt from Flecks of Red: A Poetry Anthology on Mental Illness, a collection of poetry written by those affected by mental illness.

Flecks of Red is a unique collection of poetry written by those affected by mental illness. It began as a poetry contest and blossomed into a national fundraiser for DBSA, the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance of America. If you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD and other similar illnesses there is sure to be a poem within this collection that will speak to you.

Sorrowful Slumber by Melyssa A. Harmon
Full moon bright shines down to light
My tired shoulders, another night
Of endless toss and constant turn,
In dreams my sorrowful heart does burn,
Need, like fury, deep it creeps
From mind to mouth to ear it seeps
Seeking in you he innocent child
Of yesteryear, my heart beguiled,
To right finally the wrong of my youth
My shameful heart be dying proof
That wish an dream wrap warm your heart
In apology sincere, now years apart.
Heart on sleeve, blushed cheeks of red
Spinning thoughts entrap my head
Low and hung in sorrow deep,
To go without I cannot sleep
As slumber reminds I've yet to say,
I'd change in a heartbeat that fateful day
Returning to you years plagued with me,
Dear Amy I am so sorry.
[Want more? Click below to read a longer excerpt.]

Praise for the Book
“Feeling connected to other people affected by mental illness is vital and Flecks of Red offers an important reminder, none of us are alone. Each of the anthology’s writers has a voice that is unique, brave and valuable... I can’t imagine anyone not relating to at least one of these poems. Here’s to vulnerability - it’s a beautiful and powerful thing!” ~ Melissa R.
“What an amazing book. Loved the personal passages from the authors. I read the poems and then the personal pieces and went back and read the poems again. What an amazing talented group of writers. Book is very well put together and would highly recommend for anyone and everyone to read.” ~ Linn Hawley
“Beautifully curated book full of poetry that truly touches you when you least expect it to. If you are going through or are close to someone with mental illness you can definitely feel the depths that some of these poems go. Truly wonderful read. Thank you!” ~ Kimberly Rutledge
“This touched me in a way I didn't know possible. It means the world to know I'm not alone in my thoughts and feelings.” ~ Amazon Customer
“This is one of the finest poetry books I have read.” ~ kwame1977

About the Author
Melyssa Harmon
I have been writing poetry since age 12. My life influences include Coach Roger Freeborn and Dr. Robert Schuller. My first collection of poetry was awarded the Pacific Northwest Young Author's Conference award through Seattle Pacific University. I have been writing since then as well as publishing fanzines, a magazine and now a poetry anthology. This latest endeavor began as an online poetry contest and flourished into a fundraiser for the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance. It has been a labor of love collecting poetry for a variety of writers that identify with mental illness.


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

"Finding Your Path: A Happy Start to School" by Amba Brown

Finding Your Path:
A Happy Start to School
by Amba Brown

Finding Your Path:A Happy Start to School by Amba Brown

Australian author and psychologist Amba Brown stops by today to share an excerpt from A Happy Start to School, the latest addition to her Finding Your Path series. You can also read my review. 

As a special bonus for our readers, buy the book and apply coupon code BOOKSDIRECT18 at the checkout to receive 15% off! Also available: A Guide to Life & Happiness After School and A Guide to Starting High School with a Smile.

Finding Your Path series by Amba Brown

A fun and original way to socially, emotionally and practically prepare children around the world for starting school. Playful and engaging, this beautifully designed resource is for every child starting to wonder about starting school and needing that little bit of support, encouragement or insight into school life.

Book Video

Hi, I'm Fyp,
So glad you stopped by!
I'm sooooo excited,
And I'm sure you know why.
We're going to school,
Yes - me and you.
But there's more than just us,
All our friends are coming too!

Praise for the Book
“Brilliant ... Such amazing insights for children written in a way that's sure to connect!” ~ Kate Hall, Australian Early Childcare Director
“Very cute little book for little kids starting school. Something different to what's already out there.” ~ Judy

My Review

By Lynda Dickson
The cute rhyming text introduces us to Fyp (short for “Finding Your Path”), a boy who is about to start school. He shares his reassuring message with his young readers that starting school is nothing to worry about. He shows them how to prepare for their first day, what they’ll need to take with them, what they’ll learn, the games they’ll play, how the day is structured, and even how to interact with teachers and other children.
The author has a degree in psychology, and it sure shows. She imbues this book with constant reassurances and positive messages to give young children the confidence they need to try something new.
Full of bright and colourful illustrations throughout, this book is sure to appeal to your little ones. What a great start to their school life!

About the Author
Amba Brown
Amba's an Australian Positive Psychology author, who holds a degree majoring in psychology & sociology, with a Psychological Science Honours specialising in Positive Psychology.
She has also delivered her message on the TEDx Stage.
Amba is also a member of The International Positive Psychology Association and is passionate about alleviating the anxieties of youth. Her goal is to share these tools as far and wide as possible.


Thursday, September 20, 2018

"A Tiny Book: Intermittent Fasting" by C. Davis

A Tiny Book: Intermittent Fasting
by C. Davis

A Tiny Book: Intermittent Fasting by C. Davis

C. Davis stops by to share an excerpt from A Tiny Book: Intermittent Fasting, the latest in a series of … tiny books, currently ON SALE at a reduced price (save $1.00). The author states: “This year has been a very trying journey for me. I have struggled with weight loss my entire life. On January 1st of this year I weighed in at 296lbs. Today, I weigh 223lbs. Everything that I have learned about the power of intermittent fasting is included in the pages in this beginner’s guide. I hope to inspire people to change their minds about their bodies and make a change.”

A Tiny Book: Podcasts by C. DavisA Tiny Book: Ketosis by C. Davis

Here, you’ll learn all about intermittent fasting, get insights as to how you can get started and how to go about the practice. This resource will teach you all about shifting your mindset to achieve a healthier body by pursuing a shift, not simply in the types of food that you eat but the time at which you consume them.
With intermittent fasting, do know that it’s more about shifting your eating patterns. And because there are no strict rules as to which food to eat and avoid, it’s something that you can easily integrate into your lifestyle and sustain over a longer course of time.
For now, I advise you to read and learn more about it. Establish a strong foundation as to what the concept is and then work your way towards developing a practice that’s most suited to your lifestyle.

Introduction: What to Expect from This Book
Are you one of those people who’s had it with unreliable and unrealistic diet trends? Maybe it’s time to shift your focus towards something that’s actually healthier for your body and more sustainable to boot.
In line with this, I’d like to thank you for downloading this book entitled Intermittent Fasting: An Overview - What You Need to Know About Efficient and Effective Time-Managed Eating Habits.
Here, you’ll learn all about intermittent fasting, get insights as to how you can get started and how to go about the practice. This resource will teach you all about shifting your mindset to achieve a healthier body by pursuing a shift, not simply in the types of food that you eat but the time at which you consume them.
With intermittent fasting, do know that it’s more about shifting your eating patterns. And because there are no strict rules as to which food to eat and avoid, it’s something that you can easily integrate into your lifestyle and sustain over a longer course of time.
For now, I advise you to read and learn more about it. Establish a strong foundation as to what the concept is and then work your way towards developing a practice that’s most suited to your lifestyle.
Given that there’s no one perfect method for everyone, you have the chance to customize your plan based on what you need, what you can do for now, and how much exercise you can fit into your current schedule. Over time, you can alter your intermittent fasting habits but there’s no pressure to hurry.
I hope you learn a lot from this overview and that you’re influenced and encouraged to give intermittent fasting a try.
[Want more? Click below to read a longer excerpt.]

About the Author
The A Tiny Book Series is a collection of beginners’ guides for those who seek to begin to any particular venture. In our production, we attempt to provide answers and guidance toward a greater understanding of the materials, funds, and commitment that your new interest would require. The series is a by-product of Tiny Miracles, LLC a new mental health Counseling Services where our mission is to provide proper counseling for all, ideally those without resources or financial means to afford it.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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What kind of resources are included?
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