Life after war by Angela White

“Life After War” is a memoir that looks back on the life of Angela White, from her childhood in the south to her adulthood in Canada. It chronicles how she moves through war-torn countries and adapts to life after war.

Through this book, Angela hopes to give people hope for their future and show them that it is possible not only survive but even thrive after going through such hardships.

The book is currently being finalized with the hope that it will be published in Spring 2018.

In this memoir, Angela White looks back on her life from childhood to adulthood and how she survived through going into war-torn countries. She hopes to give people hope for their future by showing them that after tough times like these, there can be life and even thrive.

As a child, White’s father had the opportunity to move his family to Canada for work purposes; this meant that Angela would be able to grow up in peace without having war constantly on her doorstep. The book follows her from childhood all the way through adulthood, where she talks about how different it was when they first moved there and then going back as an adult after being away for most of their lives. She also talks about living with PTSD, which is something we can relate easily because so many people are affected by it today due to world events happening around them.

Some may find this difficult to read at times because some of the content will make you feel uncomfortable or sad but if you stick with it, you will be so glad that you did.

The book itself is a raw and emotional account of what life was like for White when she first moved to Canada; the feelings of confusion with her new surroundings as well as being away from family members are all very real things that many people can relate to in their own lives.

This story also provides an invaluable window into how those who have experienced war live through its aftermath: not just physically but mentally too. This could be used by schools or universities teaching about PTSD, refugees living in other countries after fleeing wars at home, children of military veterans dealing with flashbacks and nightmares due to trauma they witnessed during combat…the list goes on! It’s important we learn more about the realities of life after war.

With this post, the author hopes to raise awareness for an important but often overlooked topic: life after war and what it takes to start a new life in a foreign land. This is especially true given that there are still wars going on all over the world right now!

Adding links would make it easy for readers who want to find out more about PTSD or countries experiencing conflict today; they can easily take their curiosity further with just one click and not have any trouble finding quality information from trustworthy sources.

The best part? The words themselves provide readers with powerful insights into these issues without needing photos or videos—a unique storytelling approach that’s sure to inspire empathy among those reading!

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