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"Magelica's Voyage" Series by Louise Courey Nadeau

Magelica's Voyage Series
by Louise Courey Nadeau

Louise Courey Nadeau's Magelica's Voyage series is recommended for children ages 5 to 10. There are currently two books - Magelica's Voyage and The Rescue - with a third book planned. The books are also available in French and Spanish. This review opportunity is brought to you by Mother Daughter Book Promotion Services.

Magelica's Voyage
(Magelica's Voyage Book 1)

Who ever heard of a girl being hatched from an egg the colour of sapphires?
Magelica doesn’t know where she came from or who she really is. But when she’s transported to the Isle of Dreams in a flying bathtub, she launches into an adventure of discovery, and learns that wonderful things can happen when she uses her imagination, believes, opens her heart and trusts in love.
Come fly with her and discover for yourself the power of imagination, gratitude, believing in yourself, and love! In this special first voyage, fantasy, adventure, magical illustrations, empowering messages, and a wonderful cast of enchanting characters come together as Magelica takes young girls and the special people in their lives on a fun, inspiring voyage about making your life magical.

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My Review

By Lynda Dickson
Magelica has been raised by Gri and is unaware of her heritage. Twelve years ago, she was hatched from a sapphire-colored egg and has wings like her pet dragon Tris. In fact her name is derived from the words "magic" and "angelic". Magelica invokes the help of her Guardian Angel when she's in trouble, and this becomes a recurring theme throughout the series. One night, Magelica learns that she is the only one who can help someone else out of trouble. Odin the warblegrif uses Magelica's magic feather necklace to find her, and together they travel to the Isle of Dreams in her bathtub! There she meets Queen Raya, Wally the Wizard, and the Turtle who carries of the Isle of Dreams on his back. As a reward for Magelica's help, the Queen agrees to help her find out who she really is. This, too, will become a major story thread in the series.
After the story, the author explores some of the major themes in the book. She encourages the reader to "use your imagination and believe" and to "open your heart and trust in love" because, as Magelica herself discovers, if you truly believe in something, you can make it happen.
This book is a promising start to a new series for 5 to 10 year-olds, and - with a strong female lead like Magelica - it will appeal especially to girls.

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The Rescue
(Magelica's Voyage Book 2)

When Magelica dreams of the prince lost on a deserted island, she realizes that it could lead to his rescue. She returns to the Isle of Dreams to tell Queen Raya what she knows. Can they save Prince Will before it’s too late? Will the power of laughter and love be enough?

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My Review

By Lynda Dickson
The Rescue follows on directly from the first book, with Magelica setting out to rescue Prince William after dreaming he has been stranded on an island. We meet up with old friends Odin, Queen Raya, and Wally Wizard, and we meet some new ones in Prince Will and Goldy the goldaron. The story is filled with laughter and an uplifting song, and we again encounter the recurring theme of a Guardian Angel. Magelica gets one step closer to finding out where she came from. Hopefully, we'll all discover the secret of her origin in the next book.
Once again, the author finishes by recapping some of the important messages of the book: "Laughing brings joy, and makes you feel good and positive." "Believe in yourself and never give up." And, as Prince William jokes, "Where there's a Will, there's a way."
With gorgeous illustrations, cute characters, and affirming messages, this series is sure to be a hit with both parents and children.

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Praise for the Books
"Magelica’s Voyage is an inspiring, magical tale of a world that I did not want to leave. The author’s imagination takes off with vivid magical characters transformed into beautiful illustrations that your child will love. At the Isle Of Dreams anything is possible including Wally the wizard, the benevolent queen, Odin and even a Warblegrif. In the Festival Of Cheer the message is clear; just be yourself and let love be your guide. When you open this book you’ll instantly discover that magic is indeed in the air." ~ 5 Star Review, StevieV, Amazon
"This is a wonderful, enchanting book! The story is so imaginative and the illustrations are beautiful! It is delightful to join Magelica on her adventure to the Isle of Dreams, and it is great to see such a positive, confident heroine. I highly recommend this book!" ~ 5 Star Review, Laurie J., Amazon
"Magelica is easy to love; a child who accepts herself as she is but who questions the very world around her, is someone many children will be able to relate to. Give this wonderful story a try - you won’t be sorry you did." ~ 5 Star Review, Shelley V., Amazon
"Magelica’s Voyage by Louise Courey Nadeau is a beautifully written enchanting tale filled with alluring adventure. The story is magnificently illustrated, from the winsome depiction of Magelica to the creative Isle of Dreams, the authors gifted imagination is prevalent on every page. I found Magelica’s Voyage to be a charming story with a very special message for all. I highly recommend picking up a copy." ~ 5 Star Review, Stacie T., Amazon
"I recommend it to every kid between the age of 3 until 9 whether it is a girl or boy. The energy when reading it is indescribable. Both [books] are well made and I recommend it to every parent that cares about how their children should be raised!" ~ 5 Star Review, Hassan, Amazon
"The Rescue is a beautifully illustrated and beautifully written children’s story with an important message about being happy and staying positive, even in very difficult circumstances. Louise Courey Nadeau presents this gentle lesson in a light-hearted and brilliantly illustrated manner that draws in readers young and old." ~ Bil Howard, Reader’s Favorite, 5 Star Review
"Magelica’s Voyage: The Rescue by Louise Courey Nadeau is a beautiful story that will teach kids valuable lessons pertaining to staying true to their heart." ~ 5 Star Review, Jeff, Amazon

About the Author
Passionate about empowering and inspiring children around the world, Louise Courey Nadeau, born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and mother of two girls and two boys created her first fairy tale Magelica’s Voyage, with the second book in the series, The Rescue, launched June 2015.
"Through life’s trials and tribulations, I always believed I could. With the Magelica book series my goal is to take young girls and their parents and teachers on empowering adventures and to inspire and encourage them to believe that they are amazing just the way they are, and to discover the power of love, positivity, and believing in themselves.
"Magelica’s Voyage is inspired by my life, my family, and the special people and places I love", says Courey Nadeau. "All of the characters in the story, including Magelica are reflections of the person I am- the wacky part, the funny part, the philosopher, the teacher, the caretaker, the chosen mom, the giver, and of course the dreamer. What would Magelica do, I often ask, and I get the answer. When you fly with Magelica, the possibilities are endless and there is magic all around."

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