“Numbers Game” by Rebecca Rode

Rebecca Rode’s “Numbers Game” has been an international bestseller since its release in 2012. In the book, Rode explains the strategies she used to reach the top of her field. From making a bet that almost ruined her professional life, to her start in financial journalism, to her experiences researching the book, and her thoughts on being a woman in a male-dominated field, this book has it all. The book is both a fascinating glimpse into the world of finance and a memoir of Rode’s life, and it will appeal to fans of all kinds of nonfiction.

Rebecca Rode tells the story of two characters who should never have met: Amanda, a political consultant working for the Democrats in Washington, D.C., and Ryan, an intelligence officer working for the Republicans in the Middle East. In the beginning, the two are working toward diametrically opposed goals, but , as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that their goals have more in common than they ever would have realized.

When a landslide reveals the remains of unidentified women on a hilltop in a rural community, the town suspects a serial killer is at work. For two weeks, local law enforcement races against the clock to catch the murderer.

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Editorial Reviews

“Gripping, from beginning to end . . . a tale as action-packed as Divergent yet as introspective as The Giver. . . . Sure to be an instant classic in the genre.” 
-R.J. Craddock, author of The Children of Cain series 

“Best dystopian fiction I have read since Red Queen!” 
-Sheri, Reader 
“Better than Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies.”
-Karen Pellett, Reviewer

In’Dtale Magazine: “Offers new things to the world of YA and there is much to look forward to in the next books.

About the Author

REBECCA RODE is an award-winning author of YA fantasy and science fiction. Her work has appeared on the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Her forthcoming YA pirate fantasy, TIDES OF MUTINY, releases in September 2021 (Little, Brown). Her other fiction includes the Numbers Game series and the Ember in Space trilogy. Rebecca lives in the Rocky Mountains with her family, two cats, overflowing bookshelves, and her odd collection of book-related socks. Learn more at AuthorRebeccaRode.com.

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