How I fall and how I fly by Anne Eliot

Sometimes I fall flat on my face. It’s not always a graceful thing to do, but you know what? Sometimes it really feels like the right thing to do. When we’re running and life is busy, sometimes there just doesn’t seem enough time in the day for everything that needs doing – work, family time, hobbies, exercise… The list goes on and on. And when this happens to me (and it does happen) I have two choices: either keep pushing myself harder than ever before or stop completely. And truthfully speaking? Sometimes the best option is just to take a break–to lay down all of those things on our plates and rest for awhile. This blog post is about how I fall and how I fly and how we don’t always have to be perfect.

It’s about taking that time for yourself – the way you need it, when you need it most–to refuel your body, mind and soul. It may not seem like a lot at first (and some of us are so used to feeling guilty around restful things) but in this blog post I’ll share some research on why just giving ourselves permission to take a break can make all the difference in our lives and what happens when we’re able-bodied enough to do something different with life than feel stuck going through the same motions day after day.

Some days will still be really tough or challenging where work is concerned because sometimes there isn’t any margin left over from the stress and the anxiety. But on those days, I make sure to schedule some me time after work that’s just for myself–whether it be a hard workout or an hour of meditation. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as there is something for yourself in your life each day. And if this blog post has given you permission to take care of yourselves first, then mission accomplished!

The idea behind restful things (or “self-care”) is about taking whatever breaks we need from our busy lives when they’re available – even if it’s just one minute at a time with deep breaths during upsetting moments where we can stop ourselves before lashing out or yelling back because we don’t know any other way to release the anger.

Self-care is about honoring the needs of our minds, bodies and spirits — not just when they’re on a downward spiral but also during times where we are feeling great!

In my experience, self care can be as simple as slowing down for five minutes to meditate or setting your alarm one hour earlier so you can make time before work starts for yourself with something creative that brings joy into your life.

Whether it’s reading (or re-reading!) an old favorite book in bed with some tea or coffee, doing yoga in the morning or going out with friends at night – there has been nothing more empowering than putting myself first sometimes instead of always thinking I have to do everything perfect all the time because every choice affects everything else.

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