“The White Aura” by Felicia Tatum

“The White Aura” by Felicia Tatum is a book about a teenage girl named Katherine whose life is forever changed when she is involved in a car accident. Her near-death experience leads her to believe that she now has a gift that enables her to see auras. The book follows Katherine as she explores this gift, soon realizing that her “gift” is in fact an affliction that only serves to drive her further from her family. The book also follows the family’s efforts to help their daughter, even as she pushes them away.

The White Aura offers an interesting twist on the paranormal romance genre; it seamlessly blends a love story with magic and that makes the story more interesting. Felicia Tatum has created a unique universe for readers to explore, and she’s populated it with a diverse cast of characters with distinct personalities. Readers who enjoy romance or fantasy novels will like The White Aura.

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About the Author

Felicia Tatum was born and raised in Tennessee. She began writing at a young age, and finally pursued her passion this past year. The White Aura is her first published novel. She is the mommy to a daughter and a kitty. She enjoys reading and crafting in her free time.

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