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"Twisted Souls (The Griffin Chronicles)" by Jon Pew

Twisted Souls (The Griffin Chronicles)
by Jon Pew

Jon Pew's new book Twisted Souls, the second book in The Griffin Chronicles, has just been released. You can also read my earlier blog post on the first book in the series, Transition Man. Jon is also the author of Genesis (True Immortals).
Jon has kindly donated copies of both books in The Griffin Chronicles for our giveaway below. Be sure to enter!

On the heels of a devastating battle in Arizona, the loss of someone close to him and the new discovery of Jordan’s powers, Wesley Griffin’s soul is at stake. His twisted path will bring epic battles between angels and shadows and turn Las Vegas itself inside out. Who does Wesley belong to the Dark or the Light? Will he be the Great Griffin or turn to evil Wesley forever? Find out in the next stage of The Griffin Chronicles, Twisted Souls.

Stepping away with Cliff, Griffin thought they might make it without participating in the fight. But out of the shadows, in front and behind them, jumped at least twenty new enemies, accompanied by Daru. Raven and his men were engaged, fighting the remaining horsemen, and were not coming to help. Griffin stopped and drew on his own power.
Time slowed and he could look down on the situation from the bird’s eye view. He had many enemies straight ahead, more from the rear, but few in the flank. For weapons he had a slight wind blowing and a small pool of water on the ground by the street lamp. It was a clear night so there were no clouds from which he could call down help, but there was always ample sand near at hand when you live in the desert called Nevada, and the city of lights that is her jewel.
There was no means of escape without destroying the enemies now standing in front of him. He drew back Talon, wanting to destroy as many as he could with his first strike. Griffin caused the wind blowing from his back to increase to a gale and narrowed his vision to take in the five shadows standing in a nearly straight line. He loosed Talon and it sped with the accuracy of an Olympic javelin, pinning the five to the wall. Quick as thought Griffin drew his sword. It gleamed with great light as he gave his battle cry and sprang to the attack.
The dark shadows rushed forward in a mass group. He reacted quickly to keep them from passing him to kill his father. He cut the first in half vertically. Straight down the middle of his skull, between his eyes and out between the fork of his legs. The two sides of the shadow’s mouth were still screaming in pain as he splashed Griffin’s boots with a black mess. Next Griffin spun back with the sharp edges of his shield to slice the next shadow in half horizontally across his waist. The shadow stood still, looking at Griffin with surprise. As Griffin reposted, the shadow tried to hold himself together. He slid apart sideways and his top half hit the ground with a sickening thump. The two halves of the shadow melted, leaving a stain that was visible even on the asphalt, and then slowly faded from view. With a movement of Griffin's sword the puddle of water jumped into the air, making itself into small shimmering daggers of ice. With barely a thought, Griffin sent them flying, blade over handle, straight into the eye sockets of nine shadows. Blinded, they were easy prey. With the speed of a jet airplane he rushed from one to the next, dispatching them and splattering the alley with black scars that slowly faded.
Cliff looked at his son and was shocked by the light which shone around, and on him. He saw, as if in a dream, his son change from khaki and a ridiculous colored Hawaiian print shirt, to bright silver. He was amazed by the graceful movements Griffin made! Cliff was blown away by the speed, power, and accuracy of his actions. There were no wasted movements or energy, every move was a death blow to an enemy. They seemed to melt as he struck them and they splattered the walls of the alley as if with blood. Griffin moved so fast Cliff couldn’t see him when he fought with his enemies. Every time he located where Griffin had gone to fight, he and the shadows would disappear and reappear elsewhere, still grappling and fighting tooth and nail. Then the shadow would remain in one space, falling apart and dying, while Griffin had moved on to the next enemy.

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From the Author
I was born in Tucson Arizona and am a proud father of three awesome kids and married to the most beautiful woman born. I am a life-long fan of entertainment in all its forms. I love watching movies, reading and listening to books and spending time with my family. I am a faithful member of the LDS Church and proud soldier in the United States Army. I have been an Entrepreneur most of my life and have tried my hand in many small businesses over the years. I joined the service in 2009 and wrote my first novel in 2010. My overall philosophy in life is Play to Win, so if you have a dream be proactive and go get it!

Jon has kindly donated copies of both books in The Griffin Chronicles for our giveaway below. First prize is a download of both books from Smashwords. Second prize is the winner's choice of one of the books in the series. Please show your appreciation by entering.


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