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This Week on Books Direct - 21 July 2013

This Week on Books Direct - 21 July 2013

Here's a list of the articles you may have missed this week:

"Cooking Basics" - Brought to you by Bundle of the Week.
Every week Bundle of the Week presents 5 related ebooks for only $7.40. This week's bundle takes you back to the basics with 5 cooking resources to help you meal plan, create your own recipes, make homemade condiments and reduce waste. With a little planning, you can save time and money in your kitchen, and this week only get all 5 ebooks for 85% off their list price!

To prevent your inner editor/censor from attacking your text while your intuitive self is still exploring ideas, you must learn to write in two stages.

"Publishing For Free Will Cost You A Lot" - Article by Arthur Crandon.
Arthur's advice to first-time authors is to do as much work as you can, then pay for a professional edit and get a professional cover designed.

"5 Proven Tips to Sell E-Books" - Article by Rob Eagar for Wildfire Marketing.
The ability to sell ebooks as an independent author is easier than ever before. If you want to join the fray and sell ebooks to a wider audience, use these five tips to market like a pro.

"Common Pitfalls for Beginning Fiction Writers" - Article by Dana Bisignani for Purdue Online Writing Lab.
Beginning fiction writers tend to: do more telling than showing (more summary than scene), struggle with the scope of their story, fall back on stereotypical characters, and employ overly dramatic or "action movie" plots. Here are some tips on how to address these issues.

If you are an indie author you can now start to exploit your rights and make the most of your intellectual property. Orna Ross explains the different rights related to your work.

"Quick Tips for Ebook Writers" - Article by Joshua Hatcher for Hatcher Media.
Here are a few tips Joshua has put together for authors who want to KILL IT when it comes to ebook sales.

"G. Mitchell Baker" - Interview by Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.
Inspiration and advice for budding authors.

"Penguin Random House Merger Helps Author Solutions Exploit Writers" - Article by David Gaughran for Let's Get Visible.
Penguin and Random House officially merged on July 1 creating the largest trade publisher in the world. This merger has given fresh impetus to one of their subsidiaries to scam unsuspecting writers – Author Solutions, the largest vanity press in the world.

"Hung Up on Rules?" - Article by Jacqueline Hopkins-Walton for Indies Unlimited.
Do you get hung up on rules about writing? Rules that everyone in the writing industry is telling you that you must follow in order to get a book written and even published?

"Hone, Hone, Hone Your Writing Craft, Gently on the Page…" - Article by Rhys Corhys for Mired in Mundanity.
Solid writing skills don't suddenly blossom overnight. Like any skill, it has to be learned before it can be mastered. Your writing ability is a weapon unique to you, no one else has your voice, but raw talent isn't enough to help you wield this weapon effectively. First it needs to be honed by patience, determination, experience, and the 10 practical tips listed here.

"Keeping the Plot Straight" - Article by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones.
What do you do if you're halfway through writing your book only to discover that the plot isn't working? Kathryn has some tips.

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