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This Week on Books Direct - 14 July 2013

This Week on Books Direct - 14 July 2013

Here's a list of the articles you may have missed this week:

"Writing" - Brought to you by Bundle of the Week.
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"How to Get Read" - Article on Angie's Diary.
Many authors and aspiring writers ask themselves what are the best practices to get their work read, reviewed and possibly published. A great deal of debate is going on about what are acceptable ways to promote one's work.

Kathryn explains how to get published sooner by writing every day, learning all you can about writing, and taking heed of criticism.

"5 Book Marketing Myths You Need To Forget" - Article by Joanna Penn for Let's Get Visible.
There are a number of marketing myths around publishing that lead to authors making bad decisions or spending money on 'marketing packages' that don't make a difference to sales. Sure, there are some lightning strikes where an author can buck the trend, but in general, these myths are disempowering.

"How to Edit Your Novel" - Article by Nick Thacker for LiveHacked.
Editing a novel is a huge undertaking. It’s also usually expensive - for good reason. Most self-published authors cringe at the thought of shelling out the next years’ worth of projected earnings for a decent editor, so the whole process becomes a “do-whatever-I-can-on-my-own” project. Nick shares some tips culled from his own experience.

"How to Create an Attractive Book Page in Minutes" - Article by Indie Writer Support.
Learn how to create an attractive book page in minutes with these easy steps.

"Finding the Diamonds in Your Creative Writing" - Article by Bryony Pearce for This Craft Called Writing.
Here's what Bryony Pearce has to say about the careful use of adjectives and adverbs in your writing.

"Why Literary Novels Take So Long to Write" - Article by Roz Morris for Nail Your Novel.
Literary novels are famously slow to write. So just what makes some literary novelists take so much longer?

"Fiction is a Driver of the Future" - Article by Roy Huff for American Diversity Report.
There are many reasons why writers write. Some have a story that simply has to be told, others like to create worlds that can be shaped and molded by their own thoughts and desires. Regardless of the reason, the end product is not just ink on paper or words on a screen; the final product is a blue print that can be used as inspiration for more ideas and a driver of innovation and technology that can be developed further at some point in the future.

Our use of the term "fairy tale" ending to denote a warm and fuzzy conclusion is at odds with many of the classic stories.  The original princess fairy tales were much more sinister than the current versions.  Is the creation of the "happy ending" a function of the times?

"J K Rowling Revealed as Writer of Crime Novel" - Article by Sylvia Hui for Yahoo! News.
J. K. Rowling has been revealed to be the author of The Cuckoo's Calling written under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

"Top 10 Things You Didn't Sign On For When You Married a Writer" - Article by Nichole Bernier for Beyond the Margins.
What more can I say ...

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