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"Dustland Requiem (A Bard's Folktale)" by Aramis Barron

Dustland Requiem
(A Bard's Folktale)
by Aramis Barron

Dustland Requiem, the second book in A Bard's Folktale series, has just been released. Enter the giveaway for your chance to win one of two ebook copies. The first book in the series, Roaming Cadenza, is available on Amazon and Smashwords (FREE).

Sigurd Martinez is a simple boy with a single goal: taking care of his family.
But in the heat of the desert sun, the violence and corruption of gangland Mexico make it harder and harder to tell what’s worth fighting for, and how much is worth sacrificing to get it.
Back in the comfort of the suburbs, Charisma Roberts is readjusting to her life after a rough summer full of mayhem and madness.
With the help of a spoony bard and an old friend, she’s determined to fix the mess she’s created.
Though these two idealistic youths have never met, they’re about to find they have much more in common than just a bad poet.
This is the second book in A Bard's Folktale series.

A youth with stormy hair and wild eyes sat waiting on the back porch of the bar on the outskirts of the desolate desert town, not too far south of the U.S.–Mexico border. He was young in years but old at heart, the boy named Sigurd Martinez. He gazed out across the barren landscape, scuffing his leather boots against the desert’s dirty floor. He waited for his brother to pick him up, finally allowed to go out on his first mission as part of the newly established trio. After all, he was the one who had done the legwork to put this operation together.
Only a few days past his fifteenth birthday, his maturity and mannerisms far outshined those of his unrefined older brother, Adelais. Siggy recounted all the factors and variables he might need to consider - all of the things he might need to know, although he himself was unfamiliar with such elaborate terms as “factors” and “variables.” A hard, quick life was all most of the townsfolk ever knew. But he was determined: he’d be the one to set the record straight.

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From the Author
A Bard's Folktale is a novel series I' m currently writing. The first book, Roaming Cadenza, was published in April of 2011. The series follows Kody Lehane, a recent high school graduate with notebooks of bad poetry, and some close friends as they take a road trip across the US. Though they only plan to get away for a nice summer break, life is life, and getting home might end up being the least of their concerns.
Dustland Requiem, the second book, was published in June 2013. The story follows Kody' s travels after the fallout of Roaming Cadenza, and how he and his friends try to put their lives back together. As if their troubles weren' t enough, a family of vigilantes in gangland Mexico is dealing with far greater problems - including catching the ire of a local warlord - not unrelated to those of Kody and his friends. It's no longer an issue of simply trying to get home, but surviving long enough to realize if that's even what they want.
I originally started writing A Bard's Folktale several years ago, drafting it back when I was in high school myself. However, taking care of my family, working, and the extensive process of revisions that come along with writing pretty much anything, resulted in a far longer production cycle than I would've guessed. The reason I wanted to write it, however, was that I found there to be a lack of everyday life in the books I read. Everything was always vampires, fighting zombies, with magical powers and long-forgotten lore. I wanted to read something practical, that I could relate to in a very real sense. So, as the old saying goes, "If what you want to read doesn't exist (or you can't find it), write it," and that's what I did.
In short, A Bard’s Folktale is a series about life, and the complications of it. It's about people trying to get by with one another, learning to live with the mistakes we make, and staying alive long enough to die of old age.

About the Author
Aramis Barron is an American writer who focuses on novels and short stories with a side of poetry. When not in search of new things to scribble on, he's doing what people do best - leaving a good story. 
He is the author of A Bard's Folktale series, currently comprised of Roaming Cadenza and Dustland Requiem.
For further insights you can read an interview with the author.

The author has kindly donated two ebook copies (epub, mobi, or pdf format) of Dustland Requiem (A Bard's Folktale) for our giveaway. Please show your appreciation by entering.


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