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This Week on Books Direct - 9 June 2013

This Week on Books Direct - 9 June 2013

Here's a list of the articles you may have missed this week:

"5 Things Indie Authors Do Very Well" - Article by Alison Baverstock for Indie Reader.
Alison has spent four years researching both the process of self-publishing and those involved. What she found was in direct contrast to previously widely held assumptions. Here she presents five reasons for admiring self-publishers.

Thanks to Amy Lynn Andrews for the following:
"Have you written an ebook or a book? Do you have plans to? Do you want more marketing ideas than the average person could ever use in 50 years? Check out Jenny Blake's Book Marketing Spreadsheet. Preview it first if you like, but make sure you explore all the tabs at the very, very bottom of the spreadsheet (e.g. About+Resources, OnlinePromo, OfflinePromo, etc.). The tabs are easy to miss so look close! Ideas galore."
Amy has a great website. I encourage you to sign up for emails to receive exclusive information not published on her site (that's how I got the link to this great spreadsheet).

"Can Grammar Be Taught?" - Article by Mark Nicol for Daily Writing Tips.
Mark ponders on whether grammar and spelling are teachable. What do you think?

"Web Design Relief Links Roundup, June 2013" - Article by Web Design Relief.
Social media is vital to spreading the word about your writing across the Web. An author platform is a living, breathing thing. So breathe some life into yours! This is Web Design Relief's latest links roundup with a bunch of helpful hints about social media for writers.

"Kevin Smokler: Put Yourself in Your Reader's Shoes" - Article by Jason Boog for GalleyCat.
Are you struggling to build a book tour online or in the real world? Before you do anything else, put yourself in your reader's shoes. Listen to author Kevin Smokler's interview in which he shares tips for writers struggling to organize a book tour.

"100 Books with 100 Authors"- Article by Christopher Pound.
Christopher has compiled a list of the Top 100 Project Gutenberg books taking into account only the top book for each author. Remember, all Project Gutenberg books are available to download FREE.

"Why Has 'The Fault in Our Stars' Been So Successful?" - Article by John Green on Tumblr.
What is the secret behind the success of the YA book, The Fault in Our Stars?

"Over 100 Published Authors told us Why Writers Write" - Article by Charles J. Deguara for Author's Promoter.
Take a look at these fascinating results. 30% of writers write to educate, influence and help others. Why do you write?

"Free eBook Formatting & Marketing Guides for Writers" - Article by Jason Boog for GalleyCat.
As self-published authors enter the eBook market, formatting has become more important than ever. Indie authors don’t have the same support as a major publisher, so GalleyCat has assembled a list linking to FREE formatting guides for all the major eBookstores.

"Giving It Away: Why Fiction Authors Should Offer Free Ebooks" - Article by Jason Kong for The Book Designer.
As a professional writer, what is the upside of giving away your hard work without charge? Jason is here to tell you.

"Digital Swag to Share at Events" - Article by Jason Boog for GalleyCat.
What kind of digital swag do you share with your readers? Jason has created a list of ideas on how to share your book digitally.

"Free Books are the Devil!" - Article by Nicole Storey.
Yesterday I posted an article in favor of free books. Today, Nicole presents her arguments against. What are your thoughts?

"What's Your Excuse for Not Writing?" - Article by Monica Bhide for Writer's Digest.
Monica writes a purely motivational article for writers and readers alike.

"When Bad Publishers Happen To Good Writers" - Article by Amy Metz for A Blue Million Books.
Amy has compiled some dos and don'ts you should know about before you sign on the dotted line with a publisher.

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