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This Week on Books Direct - 23 June 2013

This Week on Books Direct - 23 June 2013

Here's a list of the articles you may have missed this week:

"Time Management for Families" - Brought to you by Bundle of the Week.
Every week Bundle of the Week presents 5 related eBooks for only $7.40. Running a household, caring for children and still finding time to pursue your passions is not an easy order, but this week’s bundle is designed to give you the tools to make the most of the 24 hours you’re given each day. Discover tips for creating schedules and routines, the importance of rest, strategies to help you be on time and more! Get this bundle for almost 60% off this week only.

"How to Build Links Through Guest Blogging" - Article by Neil Patel for Quick Sprout.
Google wants less spam and more quality content on the web. And you need more links for your website. Guest blogging is the perfect solution to both Google's wants and your needs. It is the marriage of content development and link building. Here’s how you can get the most out of guest blogging and link building to drive more traffic to your website.

There is a lot of confusion about whether businesses should use a Fan Page or a Profile to promote themselves on Facebook. This comprehensive article gives you the pros and cons of each. My conclusion: Fan Page. What do you think?

"Writing for the Web" - Article by Mark Nichol for Daily Writing Tips.
People read online for the same reasons that they read print documents: to obtain information or knowledge, to complete forms and applications, or to be entertained. The key difference, however, between habits of print readers and online readers is that online readers are more likely than print readers to be researching, not reading. Here are some recommendations for producing successful websites.

"Writer’s Relief Links Roundup, June 2013" - Article by Writer's Relief.
Writer's Relief staff members are always on the lookout for the latest tips, trends, and helpful tools for writers so they can better guide their clients and readers. And while they've always offered a variety of free staff-written articles, their Links Roundups provide readers with regular updates on their favorite online resources offered by other websites.

This is Part 1 in a series on how to build a popular blog. In this post, Jeff shares the first secret to successful blogging and a few tips he's learned.

"How Many eBooks Does It Take?"- Article by Paul Carroll for Mightier Than the Sword.
How many eBooks does it take to match your monthly earnings at work? It take a lot of eBooks to make a difference in a life. The best way you can help an author is to buy their books and recommend those books to friends. It can help pay food bills, or make life more meaningful, or help save for education, either their own or their children's or their partner's. How many people does it take to change an author's life?

"How Self-Published Books Are Made: Start to Finish (Part II)" - Article by Catherine Ryan Howard for Catherine, Caffeinated.
What do we do now that your books have been printed? How are you going to let people know they exist and convince them to buy a copy? How do you sell your books?

Once again, novelist James Hankins led GalleyCat's list of self-published thrillers and mysteries with Brothers and Bones. Find more independently published mysteries and thrillers in this list.

"Fantasy Writing Guide" - Article by The Writer's Café.
Writing fantasy can be a bit overwhelming, especially since you have to create an entire world (in most sub genres) when you're already trying to create characters and plots. Here's a guide and some questions to get you started.

"Camp NaNoWriMo Starts July 1st" - Article by Jason Boog for GalleyCat.
Want to write a novel next month? You should sign up for the Camp NaNoWriMo challenge in July. Jason spoke with journalist and author Nora Zelevansky about how National Novel Writing Month changed her career. Listen to the interview on SoundCloud.

"Better Your Books with Beta Readers" - Article by Joanne  Phillips for The Alliance of Independent Authors.
Joanne explains how to recruit and use beta readers to fine-tune your work before it's published - an invaluable service that won't cost you a penny.

"Writing Effective Dialogue" - Article by Joe Perrone Jr for Joe's Blog.
Have you ever begun reading what appeared from the cover and description to be a really good book, only to be disappointed by dialogue that was stiff, stilted, and unrealistic.  Such is often the case in self-published fiction. Too many authors spend hours and hours on plot and scene description, while failing to comprehend the importance of good dialogue.  Joe presents us with four basic rules to writing effective dialogue.

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