Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"My First Time" by Lucy St. Vincent

PLEASE NOTE: This book is for adults only

My First Time
by Lucy St. Vincent

A girl with a crush. A handsome sweet boy. Discovery.
More than 10,000 words of sweet, sensual exploration that will have you wishing you could relive (or redo) your first sexual adventure.
This is Judy Blume and then some! Elizabeth is enamored with Zachary, but doesn’t think she has a hope with such a hottie: until her friend sends him a secret letter letting him know who she is. Elizabeth is humiliated and heartbroken, until Zach actually shows up at her locker, asking to walk her home.
Follow Elizabeth and Zach to the movie theater, to Zach’s place, and ultimately to her parents' place while they are gone for the weekend. Their sweet sexual initiation will have you pining for your youthful innocence. And the loss of it.

It started in the afternoon. Zachary was waiting at my locker when I got off after first period in the afternoon. There were still two more hours left of classes. He was wearing hiking boots, a red flannel shirt and his old faded Levis, the pair with the patch on his right knee. His butt looked so hot in those jeans, I can’t tell you.
“Hi,” I said, surprised to see him. I got really red again.
“Hi. I know I’m a bit early, but I was wondering if you wanted to skip out with me this afternoon.”
I am normally a very good girl: by that I mean, do-everything-your-parents-tell-you-to good, and hand-in-all-your-assignments-early-and-get-straight-A’s good; so I was just a bit shocked by this suggestion. Was Zachary Matthews a bit of a “bad boy?” I hoped so.
“Skip out? But where would we go?”
He shrugged. “Back to my place?”
My crotch was starting to heat up again. What did he have in mind?
“Are your parents home?” I asked.
He looked at me as if I were stupid. “Of course not,” he answered. “Nobody will be home until tonight.”
Well, I just threw caution to the wind right there and then and said, “Okay. Let’s do it!” I didn’t want him to think I was a loser, and, besides, I think it’s time I start branching out a bit and even getting into a little bit of trouble. God knows I’ve never caused my parents a day’s grief.

By Mika J
Reading Lucy St. Vincent's short story My First Time brought back a lot of memories. The innocents expressed the wanting and the confusion of it all - we all felt the same when we first discovered our sexuality. I'll never forget my first time; fumbling, panting and over entirely too soon.
Despite the fact the novella is short Lucy St. Vincent does not skimp on the details. The metaphors used to describe what would be the first sight/touch/taste is fantastic. I personally loved the written format ... a diary entry. Oh the memories! Elizabeth and Zachary are typical teenagers - struggling with their lack of privacy, wanting and desires for one another. Elizabeth who was always the good girl finally built up for her first time.
I highly suggest this coming of age story to all teenagers who are just discovering their (and other's) sexuality. It's also a great read for those of us who are far past our first time. Memories are a wonderful gift and are easily explored with this wonderful story!

About the Author
Lucy St. Vincent is a well-seasoned traveler, voyeur, and explorer of all things provocative, evocative and titillating. When she is not writing under her nom de plume, she is plotting her other novels whilst gallivanting around the globe in search of her next adventure.


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