Monday, April 8, 2013

"Love or Money" by Kerry Taylor

Love or Money
by Kerry Taylor

A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy - perfect for fans of Christina LaurenJ.A. RedmerskiLindsey KelkDeborah Cooke, and Jill Mansell.
Heather and Kelly go to funerals, birthday parties, weddings, christenings always together, the inevitable spinsters for life!
At a wedding, the bride states to the two women – “The only two women that go to all events together are either lesbians or sisters, and you two are neither!”
Heather and Kelly embark on a quest to get engaged within a year!
Kelly states it will only be if the man has money. Heather claims it will only be with the man that she truly loves, because money can’t buy me love. Kelly disagrees and claims money can buy me love.
Which one will win?
A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy about two women on their quest for marriage.

Then Heather shouts out, "Hold on where is Kathleen?" It is at this point, we realise, we did not remember Kathleen getting into the minivan.  Actually, she never got into the taxi to go pick up the minivan.

“She came to the apartment, right?” I recall.

At that precise moment, my phone goes – Sobbing over the phone, “You guys forgot about me, you said you were ready to go, and I said, Wait, I just need to go to the bathroom. Went to the bathroom, fell asleep, just woke up and realised, you had all left!”

I replied, “What are you 9 years old, who sleeps in someone else’s bathroom?”

“Look, I do not get out much, heck I do not drink much, so I was a bit tipsy. It does not take much.”

Out of nowhere, Brenda grew tired of watching her porno, and declared, “We all know what is going to happen he is going to come! We have to go back, we have to go and save her, from the sleep!”

“OK, so where are we?” I ask.

Heather says something that no one understands, but everyone nods.

Out of nowhere the local sheriff declares, “You ladies are not going anywhere, you are all drunk. I suggest you sleep it off at the local motel and go to where you are going to tomorrow.”

At that precise moment, Pamela asks, “Are you the stripper? I like a man in uniform!”

As drunk as I was, I looked at the sheriff, and laughed, and then I could not stop laughing, I laughed so much that the contents of what I had just eaten, went all over his undersized police uniform, he was not impressed.

“Ladies, you go and shake it off, before I take you all in.”

We all sobered up at that moment, and we went to the motel and we slept it off, including Heather.  None of us woke up in the middle of the night or anything in actual fact, we did not wake up for 2 days, because that is when Heather woke up to tell us it is now Monday.

“We need to go back”, she says.

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About the Author
Kerry Taylor is a single mother of three children, currently living in Madrid. She has been through a lot in her life - from being stalked and abused, to being separated from her estranged husband - all while expressing her life through writing in different forms.

She have released a series of autobiographies in the form of short stories and poetry in the books Stones of My HeartLife's PebblesEmotional Rollercoaster of a Single Mom, and Gravel of Moments.

Kerry has recently written a series of romantic comedies: Blind Dating and Fly, Pray, Love, Love or Money, and She Said, He Said. She is currently working on the four-part series, Nearly Natal.


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