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"Nearly Natal: Part 1" by Kerry Taylor

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Nearly Natal: Part 1
by Kerry Taylor

Melissa Adams is the perfect daughter, wife, and mother to her two children. After seeing the flaws in many new mothers, she decides to set up a mother group called Nearly Natal for pregnant and postnatal women.
Her children are older and require less of her attention. In order to fill the gap, she sets up this group by advertising in her local supermarket, dentists’ and doctors’ offices, and by word of mouth.
Everyone thinks it is a fantastic idea. Mothers, like Melissa, are one in a million.
They seem to forget that Melissa had a live-in nanny and a daytime nanny for her two children. She also has a cleaner, gardener, and a personal assistant.
She gets more than she bargained for when she sets up the Nearly Natal Group. 
This is Part 1 of a four-part series - a hilarious series of books about all types of relationships with mothers from each walk of life in Baltimore!

Fifteen minutes later, there is a surge of nine women. OK, so these are going to be the late ones, I think in my mind. Tina, Shannon, Barbara, Teresa, Stacy, Andrea, Kathleen, Goldie, and Rhonda.

I give them all their name badges and sit them down so we can get the session started.

I introduce myself, “My name is Melissa Adams, and I am 34 years old.” 

“Really!” Shannon says, “I thought you was older.”

I want to run over to her and strangle her with the scarf around my neck, but I am cool and keep my composure.

“Yes, I am a mature 34 year old. A lot of people say this, but this is due to my life experiences and being a mother of two.”

“No, it’s the wrinkles around your eyes that make you look older. Even with the fake tan, you can still see them,” she says, chewing on some gum. Now, I am getting annoyed. Furthermore, I do not appreciate the women in the group simply nodding and agreeing with her, and they all stop and stare at my face.

I did not set up this group to be insulted, but to merely help new and experienced mothers. Now I am thinking it is a big mistake, these women are a bunch of rodents, they do not deserve my help! As my mother always says, do not show emotions, keep it all under wraps. Showing emotions is for the weak! Which I certainly am not!


I could just imagine being a fly on the wall of the group described. The writing drew all the right pictures in my mind and the story was wonderfully absurd.

This episode comes to an abrupt end and I was left dangling to some extent.

It is just nice to be able to watch from the outside of the group looking in!

About the Author
Kerry Taylor is a single mother of three children, currently living in Madrid. She has been through a lot in her life - from being stalked and abused, to being separated from her estranged husband - all while expressing her life through writing in different forms.
She have released a series of autobiographies in the form of short stories and poetry in the books Stones of My Heart, Life's Pebbles, Emotional Rollercoaster of a Single Mom, and Gravel of Moments.
Kerry has recently written a series of romantic comedies: Blind Dating and Fly, Pray, Love, Money Can't Buy Me Love: Money Can Buy Me Love, and She Said, He Said. She is currently working on the four-part series, Nearly Natal.

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