Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ronnie by Chuck Alderman

Ronnie by Chuck Alderman

Ronnie is beautiful, strong willed, and a ruthless young woman. She comes off as a demure, sweet little thing. Ronnie and her clan are a low level troop of Romany Gypsy Grifters. Fraud is the family business.
She and Logan have the classic love, hate relationship. Ronnie plays him, but for Logan it is love at first sight, and for that reason he cannot escape her many charms.
This story is fast paced with more larceny than love, and a plot twists that will keep you guessing.

I love this author's style of writing, first person from all the character's point of view. Whether you love the main character, "Ronnie" or hate her, you will love this book. I am looking forward to the sequel! (By Melissa)


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