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Liverpool During the Industrial Revolution 1700-1850 by Tony Franks-Buckley

Liverpool During the Industrial Revolution 1700-1850 by Tony Franks-Buckley

The Rise of Liverpool During the British Industrial Revolution a research document into how Liverpool coped with the mass influx of immigrants increasing population, disease, economy, imports, exports during the industrial boom that seen Liverpool become the biggest port in the world.
The Industrial Revolution in Liverpool saw the city emerging as one of the chief centers of cotton and slave trade. In the early periods of the 19th century, it became the chief importer of textile items, defeating London that was one of the chief contenders in the trading business. Being an important port city since the 13th century, Liverpool had major trading relations with Ireland which were later established with Manchester as well. Trading relations between Liverpool and Manchester were further strengthened by the Liverpool and Manchester railway line.
With growing trade relations and the advent of machineries, Liverpool became an important industrial hub. Different kinds of warehouses, docks and factories were established which boosted up the economical scenario of the city and the country of United Kingdom as a whole. In the year 1772, the extension of the Bridgewater Canal to Mersey saw the beginning of canal construction in United Kingdom. With time, it also became an important trading partner with the Americans.

Having read this authors other works on the History of Wallasey and The History of Birkenhead & Bidston, it was quite easy to imagine what was happening on the other side of the River Mersey. Little did I know that Liverpool was only a small fishing area as of late 17th century, by the turn of the 18th century it was far different. This research gives a detailed account on the Rise of Liverpool and instead of focusing on the good parts it also deals with the bad such as immigrants coming to a new area which increased population and growth but it also mentions the disease and poverty that it brought with it. Liverpool was the gateway to the Americas for Europeans especially the Irish but many chose to stay on in Liverpool. This brought innovations in reforms and medicine which are also mentioned. So this was a really good account and I enjoyed it very much. Look forward to future works about the area. (By Dex Blacksmith)


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